Hitwise to launch paid and organic search tools

Sometimes, the news at SES Chicago is hidden in plain sight. For example, during a quick tour of the trade show floor, which opened today, I bumped into Matt Tatham, Manager of Media Relations for Hitwise.

Without twisting his arm too hard, I was able to get him to share an advanced copy of a press release that won’t go out until tomorrow. In it, Hitwise will announce the addition of several new features to its Search Intelligence product, including Paid and Organic and Fast Moving Search Terms data.

Hitwise Search Intelligence is part of the Hitwise Competitive Intelligence service, which is based on how 10 million US Internet users interact with more than one million websites on a daily basis.

The new features enable marketers to pinpoint opportunities to refine keyword portfolios and improve the effectiveness of search marketing campaigns.

For example, Paid and Organic reports allow marketers to analyze which paid terms and organic listings have been most successful in driving traffic to competitive websites or to an entire industry.

Fast Moving Search Term reports identify the terms that have increased in popularity each week across all search engines. This data can identify emerging search behavior trends to better understand what is top of mind with consumers.

For more details on Hitwise Search Intelligence, you can visit www.hitwise.com, or for up to date analysis of online trends, you can visit the Hitwise Intelligence-Analyst Weblogs.

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