Top 10 stories from SES Chicago – Day 2

It’s Day 2 at SES Chicago and the stories coming out of the conference and expo are growing. If you want a comprehensive list, Matt McGowan, the VP of Marketing for Incisive Media, has posted one on the Search Engine Strategies Blog.

Looking through the 50 news stories and blog posts from Tuesday, Dec. 4, here are the top 10 stories from SES Chicago on Day 2:

1. SEMs Get ‘No Respect’ No More
By Kevin Heisler, Search Engine Watch, Dec. 4
As an SEO or search marketer, recruiters call you the hottest commodity in marketing. At Search Engine Strategies, you can’t walk down the hall or sit at the bar without getting spammed by job offers. Good times.

2. The Unfiltered Reality of SES Chicago
By Marty Weintraub, Aim Clear Blog
Much has been written about the inevitable evolution of Search Engine Strategies which, though destined to occur eventually, happened cold turkey this week with the overlapping of PubCon. We’ll I’m here in Chicago and I’ve got feedback for you straight from the source.

3. Search Industry Nostalgia a Reminder of How Far We’ve Come
By Andrew Goodman, Search Engine Land
As I get settled in at SES Chicago 2007, the search marketing industry feels as dynamic as ever; who else could make the grand old 1927-built Chicago Hilton feel so alive with pleasure?

4. SES Chicago ‘07: Jim MÃŒller Tech Lead for Google’s Universal Search
By Abby Prince, WebProNews Videos
WebProNews reporter Abby Prince speaks with Jim Muller, Tech Lead for Google Universal Search. Mr. Muller talks about Google’s view of SEO’s future (hint: it still involves getting those links), and also about Google’s continued expansion of Universal Search and blended search.

5. SES Chicago Keynote – Seth Godin & 14 Trends to Avoid a Meatball Sundae
By Jolina Pettice, TopRank Online Marketing Blog
Day two at SES Chicago opened with a keynote speech from Seth Godin talking about Meatball Sundaes. So what’s this Meatball Sundae all about?

6. Are Paid Links Evil?
By Marty Weintraub, Search Engine Roundtable
Google is on a rampage to devalue sites who engage in link buying and selling. Do paid links ruin the integrity of search engine results? Are they evil?

7. SES Session: Actionable Social Media
By Mike Yanke, TopRank Online Marketing Blog
By 2010, 70% of all content online will be developed by individuals, so claims iCrossing’s Adam Lavelle, articulated during the session “Actionable Social Media” today at SES Chicago.

8. Usability and SEO – SES Chicago live blog
By Dave Bascom, Search Trends
I thought I would try to live blog this session. I’m realizing that it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on. We’ll see if I have the stamina (and laptop battery power) to do more of this. Very good session, btw – MANY excellent points came up.

9. SES Chicago: The I-word, Discussed
By David A. Utter, WebProNews
If you want to build up investment interest in your SEO/SEM firm, you have to make your company compelling enough to separate capital from capitalists.

10. SES Chicago 2007 – Should Kevin Ryan Make a Hammer Video?
By David Dalka, Creating Revenue and Retention
During the universal search session, the usefulness of video in regards to boring business items was discussed. Kevin Ryan asserted, “Should I make a video of me hitting myself with a ball ping hammer?”

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