Top 10 stories from SES Chicago – Day 3

It’s Day 3 at Search Engine Strategies Chicago and I can’t keep up with all the stories coming out of the conference and expo. If you want a comprehensive list, Matt McGowan, the VP of Marketing for Incisive Media, has posted one over on the Search Engine Strategies Blog. It’s getting so long, that he needed help from Sandra Proulx of PAN Communications and John Mulligan of SEO-PR to compile it today.

Looking through more than 60 news stories and blog posts from Wednesday, Dec. 5, here are the top 10 stories from SES Chicago on Day 3:

1. Net Neutrality: What Can We Do?
By Rebecca Lieb, ClickZ News
Reformed telco executive David S. Isenberg, author of the influential essay “The Rise of the Stupid Network: Why the Intelligent Network was a Good Idea Once but isn’t Anymore”, delivered the morning keynote today at SES Chicago. His talk was entitled “Five Reasons Why Search Engine Marketers Need a Neutral Net.”

2. SES Chicago 07: Brad Goldberg of Microsoft
By Kara Ratliff, WebProNews Videos
WebProNews continues its coverage of SES Chicago 2007 with Brad Goldberg, General Manager of the Search Business Group for Microsoft. Brad gives his insight to the future of search engines, Microsoft’s approach, and how small business owners can get involved.

3. SES Chicago 07: Don E. Schultz Professor at Northwestern University
By Kara Ratliff, WebProNews Videos
WebProNews is at the 2007 Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago and Kara spoke with Don E. Schultz, Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University and President of Agora, Inc. about search marketing. Schultz describes how search is now involved in marketing and how customers can now find their way to you now.

4. Thoughts on Seth Godin’s keynote at SES
By Eric Enge, Search Engine Watch Blog
Because of the prior coverage, Eric’s post focused on offering some additional impressions about a few key points in his keynote. The first is that watching Seth on stage is like watching a nightclub entertainer. And it is entertaining. He also provided a compelling presentation that was completely text free. Every single slide was a live example of some point related to the Meatball Sundae.

5. Tales from SES
By Alan Chapell, Chapell Blog
Earlier this week, Alan participated in this year’s Search Engine Strategies Show. He was on a panel with Jack Myers of, Pauline Ores of IBM, and moderated by Kevin Ryan and Kevin Heisler of Search Engine Watch.

6. SES Session: Personalization, User Data & Search
By Jolina Pettice, TopRank Online Marketing Blog
Whether you’re part of the search industry or just affected by it, you’ve probably not only grown used to change but are excited by it. Attending a session this morning about personalized and universal search, we had a panel full of excited folks and audience members all bursting at the seams to discuss what these two types of search bring.

7. Last Minute Holiday Search Tactics
By Chris Boggs, Search Engine Roundtable
Kevin Ryan, the conference’s organizer and moderator of this session, says that search is great since you do not have to have the campaign “in the can” months in advance. He cites the Aquadots story and how they are being recalled, and that many ads on Black Friday still featured the product in their creative since they could not remove it in time.

8. Managing Automated PPC Bid Management
By Marty Weintraub, Search Engine Roundtable
Managing PPC without automation is becoming impossible to do by hand. Tools at different price points are becoming more prevalent and require serious expertise. This SES session discussed using API bid management applications to increase ROI and gain a competitive advantage.

9. Selling your integrated plan to the C-Suite: SES Chicago
By Simon Heseltine, RB Digital Rodeo
You have an integrated marketing plan all ready, all you need is the approval from the C-level crowd. How can you make them understand what it is that you’re trying to do, and why the tactics that you’re proposing are the best way forward? That’s the idea behind this session, moderated by Rebecca Lieb of Click Z.

10. Strolling the Exhibit Floor at SES Chicago

Strolling the Exhibit Floor at SES Chicago

By Jolina Pettice, TopRank Online Marketing Blog
Exploring the exhibit hall at SES Chicago 2007. Jolina’s photos of the Google Booth, SES Chicago Exhibitors and SES Chicago attendees on Day 3 of Search Engine Strategies Chicago captured the “other side of the story” at SES Chicago. While the conference sessions were packed — and full of news and useful information, so was the trade show floor. For example, the Daily Search Cast with Danny Sullivan and Daron Babin from the WebmasterRadio.FM booth at SES Chicago was as lively an event as any of the sessions.

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