Top 10 stories from SES Chicago – Day 4

It’s Day 4 at Search Engine Strategies Chicago and the last session ended at 12:30 p.m. Matt McGowan’s comprehensive list of press and blog coverage from the final day of the conference is posted over on the Search Engine Strategies Blog.

Looking through more than 30 news stories and blog posts from Thursday, Dec. 6, here are the top 10 stories from SES Chicago on Day 4:

1. SES Session: Kevin Ryan Unplugged
By Jolina Pettice, TopRank Online Marketing Blog
“I was surprised when getting involved with this conference how many people could not distinguish between strategy and tactic,” stated Kevin Ryan at the top of my final session of a whirlwind SES Chicago.

2. SES Chicago 2007: Danny Sullivan
WebProNews talked with Editor of, Danny Sullivan at the Search Engine Strategies 2007 Conference in Chicago. He gives us his perspective of the conference and describes the sessions he thought to be very helpful and informational. He also talks about a controversy discussed in a session about sitemaps.

3. Are We Too Excited About Personalization?
By Mike Murray, Fathom SEO Search Engine Marketing Blog
The good thing about these conferences, including Search Engine Strategies in Chicago this week, is that they put some issues in perspective. In other words, there has been a big buzz about personalization on Google this year. Any change is going to have its pros and cons. So why not make search more relevant to a user if personal profiles can enable Google to adapt to an individual’s search preferences and patterns?

4. SES Chicago 2007: David Isenberg on Net Neutrality
By David Dalka, Creating Revenue and Retention
I’d like to thank Kevin Ryan for bringing in this speaker and challenging the audience to think about this issue. My follow up question is how can the SES community be best utilized to be an activist catalyst for this?

5. So You Want to Be a Search Marketer at Search Engine Strategies in Chicago
By Li Evans, Search Marketing Gurus
Kevin Ryan, who moderated this panel, said, “I like to call this ‘the panel for my mom, cuz she’s still waiting for me to get a real job.’” This is a group of entrepreneurs who’ve come together to tell you the ups and downs of being a search marketer.

6. Video Interview With David Wallace at SES Chicago
By Li Evans, Search Marketing Gurus
After the “So You Want To Be a Search Marketer” panel here at the Search Engine Strategies search marketing event here in Chicago, I got the chance to sit down and talk with panelist David Wallace.

7. Dealing with Difficult Clients
By Chris Boggs, Search Engine Roundtable
Moderated by Jeff Rohrs, who states this this will hopefully be an Oprah-like therapy session (laughs).

8. Fun With Dynamic Websites
By Justin Davy, Search Engine Roundtable
It’s extremely important for IT and Marketing to work together. Kiss and make up!!! IT guys do more than play quake.

9. SES Session: Landing Page Optimization Clinic
By Mike Yanke, TopRank Online Marketing Blog
Focus is a tricky thing. Especially when describing a product that has so much too it. How can you possibly explain a detailed product, like a customized laptop, for instance – in just a few bullet points? The ideal prospect will want to read about every last feature – that’s simply their demeanor.

10. SEM Pricing Models: SES Chicago 2007
By: Navneet Kaushal, Search Newz
How should you charge for SEM work? Monthly fee? Percentage of ad spend? Percentage of sales? We explore a variety of options in this session. The percentage of the spend SEM model is one of the most common of SEM pricing models, this model in particular allows for the ease of client budgeting, the profits of the agency increase with the campaigns, it great and easy for new clients.

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