Still Tough To Find Videos!

Despite all the search options available, only 33% of consumers find videos to watch through search engines. In addition, 34% of consumers are frustrated when trying to discover videos, and some 62% say it takes them at least a few minutes or more to find videos that interest them.

ChoiceStream recently announced these video search and related consumption findings in their 2007 Survey of Viewer Trends.

When consumers don’t use search, they are discovering videos primarily by browsing sites (56%) and by relying on friends/family recommendations (32%), web site recommendations (20%), magazine/newspaper reviews (10%), or other sources (11%).

At first, I thought this might be due to difficulties when searching user-generated videos. After all, it can be difficult to cull through those results. Of the 824 respondents, however, 39% watched user-generated videos while 65% consumed professionally-produced TV programming.

Sounds like a real opportunity to me, and some search engine will ultimately help consumers find what they need — at least more than one-third of them.

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