Yahoo CEO Says They Want To Become Internet’s Indispensable Starting Point

Yahoo CEO Jerry Wang outlined his vision of Yahoo’s future as the “internet’s indispensable starting point” at the 2008 International CES Industry Insider Series today.

“In his speech, Yang said “from the newest to the most experienced user, Yahoo!’s goal is to be the simple starting point for a much richer and more complex world so you can get more out of it. Whether you’re looking for fun, information, entertainment or social connections, you want to experience everything to the fullest – this is living life with an exclamation point,” a Yahoo press release noted.

“To be the best starting point, it’s clear that we need to open the Yahoo! experience to any device or user. Mobile is a perfect example since more consumers are soon expected to come and go from the Net via their phones rather than desktops,” he said. “We’re committed to creating the best and richest mobile experience for all consumers – making it extremely personalized to their individual style and needs while opening up the Yahoo! mobile platform to allow anyone to participate,” it continued.

There was to be a video available by 4 pm EST but has not been put up yet. I will add it later when published.

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