Pew survey finds increased use of video-sharing sites

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has just released a new report which has found that 48% of Internet users have been to video-sharing sites such as YouTube and the daily traffic to such sites on a typical day has doubled in the past year.

The findings of Pew’s national phone survey in December show:

— 48% of internet users say they have visited a video-sharing site such as YouTube. A year earlier, in December 2006, 33% of Internet users said they had visited such sites. This represents growth of more than 45% year-to-year.

— 15% of respondents say they used a video-sharing site “yesterday” — the day before they were contacted for the survey. A year ago, 8% had visited such a site “yesterday.” Thus, on an average day, the number of users of video sites nearly doubled from the end of 2006 to the end of 2007.

If you go to YouTube, the featured videos are “The Phone Call” or “The Pickup.” But, “how to” videos are a growing category, too.

If you conduct a search on the site, you’ll find 254 videos for “pay per click advertising,” 873 videos for “search engine optimization” or 11,100 videos for “search engine marketing.” Check back a year from now to see how those numbers have growth.

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