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Google announced new improvements to the “integrated Google experience” on iPhone. Call the GOOGiPhone upgrade what you like. It’s still all about search.

iPhone Google 1.0 UI — only 30 something days old — combined Google web applications (Google Search, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader for RSS feeds) in a single interface.

Now Google has streamlined the UI, making apps faster and improving usability.

Google promises a slicker look-and-feel and speedier applications on the iPhone touch-screen.

Here’s a quick overview of updates to Google iPhone search:

Faster Gmail: In a nod to Blackberry, new emails are pushed to inboxes. Auto-complete works for contacts.

Faster Google Calendar? Not sure if Google’s new “month view” qualifies as faster.

Google iPhone users can access their iGoogle home page for weather, stocks, and news feeds. That’s one more step toward making Google the home page for Gen X, Y, Z.

Key takeaway: Google’s share of searches will see hockey stick growth with iPhone users driving massive amounts of traffic to Google Search and Google Search Apps with the built-in Google Search box.

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