Wired Or Tired: West Coast SEMers Infighting Getting Attention

So Danny posted an article about how Wired was allowing direct links in their wiki – no big deal I thought – I figured it would get their attention and the hole would be closed. End of story.

Well apparently Wired was inundated with link drops over the weekend and people saw the post as a little irresponsible – even though Danny posted a quick apology. I worked with Danny here at Search Engine Watch for a bunch of years, as well as attended and spoke at SES conferences and consider him a friend – maybe not mates but definitely someone I like and admire.

I believe Danny when he says the post was a mistake and not done to cause Wired problems. I have posted things like that over the years…. sending an email and writing about things that need to be addressed. Readers look for bloggers to keep them informed.

But it was the strong reactions of a number of West Coast SEMs that made this story more than a footnote in things quickly fixed in our industry.

Everyone loses in this type of bickering situation. I know all the major people involved and respect their talents – but I had to laugh when I saw one of those “East Coast vs West Coast” rapper things last night after having read a bunch of this.

The discussion about no follow usage that is interspersed in the comments and posts is one worth reading.

Personally I am hoping it is just like the rapper wars more for the publicity than actual animosity. There has been a fair amount of comments and posts written about it over the past two days, but not that amount you would expect given the players. But I think it is who is involved that has most people correctly sitting this one out.

I am not taking sides. I just thought the dynamics of it all was worth taking a look at – hopefully so we can gain something from it and maybe avoid similar backlashes in the future.

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