Google American Idol: Competition For AdWords Local Search Talent

Search marketing firms and in-house teams often have a hard time finding qualified PPC employees. Now Google may change all that by challenging students all over the world to compete with others in an AdWords marketing competition, indoctrinating college students to the PPC culture and boosting SME participation in local search.

Professors and over 8000 students (724 US teams) from all over the world are already signed up to participate before the Feb 1 deadline for entries.

What’s the Google grand prize? And how much Google “monopoly” money do students and local businesses get to play with?

The lucky winners will compete to visit Google’s Mountain View, California headquarters and connect with the acclaimed AdWords team. Each student group will receive $200 in AdWords credits and will set out to market local businesses after crafting a strategy.

After submitting a report, a global panel of experts will judge the competition. “The Challenge is open to any higher education institution from anywhere in the world. To participate, register before Feb 1st 2008. Please note that to register, you must be an academic employed by a higher education institution and conducting lectures or seminars for students. Students cannot register”

Professors and over 8000 students (724 US teams) from all over the world are already signed up to participate. More details can be found at

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