Coolest 3D Search Engine Ever? Ergo Social Media Search

Sure, Google and Yahoo were in Vegas. The keynote takeaway: Bill Gates. Unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator, he likely won’t be back.

MSN and Yahoo keynotes launched mobile search platforms—operating systems like Windows Mobile and platforms like Yahoo! Go—that promise to be the new Mini-me of search in 2008.

Mike Boland of The Kelsey Group will tell you why CES 2008 changed the Local Search game forever. Next week, in SEW Experts. The promise of true mobile search is the ability to find things when you need them: the closest restaurant, driving directions, phone numbers.

Google Android? Not exactly iRobot yet. Or iSoftware for that matter.

CEO of RankAbove, Eli Feldblum, said the show did showcase some cool new technologies for the search marketing world.

Eli: “The newest products from Microsoft and Yahoo! seem to deliver these things, along with some other cool features, like the ability (which I use all the time) to take photos with my phone and upload them to Flickr with Yahoo! Go or edit full Office docs from my phone with Windows Mobile.

One thing that CES really brought into the forefront was cool, new search technology platforms, offering amazing, 3D visualized search using multiple sources.

Ergo, from document management company, InVu, combines desktop search with web and photo search, and organizes the results in a number of intuitive, visually-stunning displays. It also offers the ability to annotate and share results. Currrently in beta for Windows Vista users.”

Cogito, ergo sum. Add it to your list of cool search engines.

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