Is Google Having Severe Growing Pains?

Seems our nine-year old is having severe growing pains lately. Come on, everyone reading this considers Google part of their lives, so why not a nine-year old child. And fellow relatives, we are all being impacted by the growth spurts lately.

Here are just a few of the things that have been mentioned in the past week or so.

Seems the bulk upload for Adwords is throwing a 502 error – had not heard of a 502 before.
Others are seeing a lot of time outs when searching.
I have had a lot of problems staying logged in to GMail especially the GChat part.
Google Analytics is having timing problems also.
Other countries are still dealing with pervasive spam in the search results.
The #6, -50, 950 penalties – to name just a few – seem to be a little too aggressive.
Long turnaround time for removing submitted URLs.
Being overly generous to new sites.

And don’t get me started on the WiFi efforts or Docs etc. They just seem to be pushing so hard at the envelope they have forgotten about the letter inside.

But we have to be patient after all Google is only nine years old. And if we are not able to deal now think of what the teenage years are going to bring!

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