CMS Watch says Google Analytics and Omniture are “over-hyped”

Earlier this week, CMS Watch said that Google Analytics and Omniture are “over-hyped.” This is a distant echo of the classic complaint by the Brits during World War II that the Yanks stationed in their country were “overpaid, oversexed and over here.”

In a press release, CMS Watch said that it “rejected the snowball of hype suggesting that Google Analytics and Omniture are the only remaining solid choices for Web Analytics.” The vendor-independent analyst firm said there are many established vendors who can provide advanced analytics functionality, particularly for mid-sized and larger enterprises and buyers in the UK and Europe.

Now, it’s perfectly understandable why CMS Watch would try to stir up a little controversy. It was releasing the 2008 edition of its Web Analytics Report, which evaluates 15 major Web Analytics suppliers based on vendor research, interviews with customers across a range of industry sectors, and hands-on testing of solutions. A little controversy goes a long way to get someone to pay closer attention to a report that costs $1,175 to $1,850.

But, the 340-page report addresses several hot issues. As Phil Kemelor, lead analyst for the report, said in the press release, “The web analytics marketplace has seen some instability and consolidation — such as ClickTracks and SageMetrics being acquired by larger entities, and Omniture’s imminent acquisition of Visual Sciences — and this has led some to believe that web analytics has become a two-party system. But don’t believe the hype that Google Analytics and Omniture are your only choices, because that’s hardly the case.”

While Omniture is the largest pure-play web analytics firm and Google is both a noun and a verb, CMS Watch research finds that enterprises can select from a broad selection of established vendors, including:
SaaS-only vendors
• Coremetrics: Online Analytics
• Digital River: Fireclick Advanced Warehouse
• Google: Google Analytics
• Nedstat: Sitestat
• Omniture: SiteCatalyst
• VisualSciences: HBX Analytics
Hybrid: SaaS and Traditional Software
• 24/7 Real Media: Open AdStream Analytics
• Auriq Systems: RTmetrics
• Foviance: WebAbacus
• Indextools: Web Analytics 9.0
• Lyris: ClickTracks
• SageMetrics: SageAnalyst
• Unica: Affinium NetInsight 7.1
• VisualSciences: Visual Sciences Platform 5
• WebTrends: Analytics 8

And with Microsoft planning to enter this space later in 2008, the web analytics market is far from limited.

Now, if you’re not ready to plunk down big bucks to buy the CMS Watch Web Analytics Report, you can review a free, 40-page sample excerpt. And, if you want a second opinion, I recommend reading Stone Temple Consulting’s 2007 Analytics Shoot Out.

Nevertheless, the timing of CMS Watch’s announcement was fortuitous.

As Kevin Newcomb reported last week, Google’s Conversion Optimizer is out of beta.

And yesterday, Omniture announced the completion of its acquisition of Visual Sciences.

Finally, on Tuesday, Feb. 19, there will be an Orion Panel with the All Star Analytics Team at Search Engine Strategies London.

Kevin Ryan, Vice President, Global Content Director, Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch, will be moderating a panel of thought leaders in the field of analytics, who will discuss everything from bounce rates, improving conversion, spotting trends and generally elevating your SEO/PPC analysis to a whole new level.

The panelists include:
• Brian Clifton, Head of Web Analytics, EMEA, Google
• Bryan Eisenberg, Co-Founder, Future Now Inc.
• Steve Jackson, Senior Consultant, Web Analytics & Search Marketing, SATAMA, & International Co-Chair, Web Analytics Association
• Jim Sterne, Target Marketing & Chairman, Web Analytics Association
• Ian Thomas, Director, Customer Intelligence, Microsoft Advertiser & Publisher Solutions

Who knows, maybe someone will complain that the big, American web analytics vendors are “overpaid, oversexed, and over here.” And, who knows, maybe someone else will have the cheek to remind everyone of the come-back that the Yanks had for this good humored banter back during World War II — pointing out to their hosts that they were “underpaid, undersexed and under Eisenhower.”

This is all speculation, of course. Who knows what will actually happen at SES London. But I’m glad that I’m going to have a front row seat.

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