$100,000 First Prize: Universal Search Engine Survivor Singapore


Universal Search will reach an inflection point when video and audio files are fully searchable. The best and brightest minds in the search industry will one day solve the problem of multimedia meta tag “hit-and-miss.”

Until then, Meta Tag, you’re it.

Singapore is offering a $100,000 grand prize as an incentive to promote the opening of Fusionopolis. Enter here.

The Star Challenge 2008 pits teams and individuals “in a global competition to complete search engine challenges with the ultimate goal: develop a “universal search” engine that goes beyond universal search to get inside rich media.

The race: a total of 4 Challenges and 3 Knockout rounds.

The searchable media? Available to search teams in July-August 2008. Finalists will be announced on August 23, 2008.

I saw the story first in Channel News Asia (via Yahoo News), but the lede didn’t quite capture the concept of universal search, multimedia search, or even who wants to be a billionaire:

If you have an idea for the next YouTube or Facebook, you could win US$100,000.

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