Ghoulish Gawker Post: Heath Ledger Tom Cruise Translation

My colleague, ClickZ Executive Editor, AnnaMaria Virzi, tipped me off to a post online that’s only received a little more than a thousand views and very few comments this morning. is the Nick Denton Web site where bloggers are paid “per post” to blog about pop culture and media gossip.

The ghoulish post slams MT (machine translation) of foreign languages. Yes, somehow Google made an error translating the phrase “Heath Ledger is Dead” into Spanish. Everyone in the search community knows machine translation isn’t perfect and global Web sites require localization. For an intelligent discussion, click here.

The Gawker post by Joshua Stein appears to be a blatant attempt to pump up traffic to the Gawker-hosted Tom Cruise Scientology video.

Yes, the link above takes you to Hitwise analyst Heather Dougherty who best explains the Gawker traffic-building strategy and its results.

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