Google Enigma: Code Cracked by Carr


‘Some say Google is God,’ Sergey Brin once said. ‘Others say Google is Satan.’ The confusion about Google’s identity may not be quite that Manichean, but it does run deep.”
– Nicholas G. Carr, in strategy + business

Nick Carr asks the question every forward-thinking executive has top of mind: Should innovation-minded managers view Google as an examplar — or a freak?

He cautions business execs to think twice before making “Google-ize” a strategic imperative. Why not?

1. Google is a young company and hasn’t been tested by adversity. (see Yahoo) Is Google’s approach to innovation a cause of its success? Or a result of success?

2. No one knows how well Google’s model would transfer to other companies.

Read the article in the new issue of strategy+business.

Then check out Nick’s Rough Type take on Google’s new $600 million data center in North Carolina.

The key question: how many jobs does $600 million create?

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