Google So Big They Don’t Know Their Own Products

The presentation of various Google products detailed by Kevin Heisler may have given a bunch of people a little insight into the various advertising products Google now offers, but the lack of connection between them and the lack of knowledge a few showed of their own products questioned how long this expansion can last.

The Ad Creation Marketplace to develop rich media ads for Google advertisers was a side project the speakers were not aware of. How designers can be outsourced through Google – a major coup for people recognized by Google as worthy of recommending – was unknown when the Q&A period asked for more details.

The cross over of measurement and how detailed analytics could get was another thing no one seemed to have handy.

Don’t tell me “you just hype it… but really never use it so how could I have such knowledge”.

I never did get the chance to ask how the bar code technology being used by print would allow tracking…. and I was intrigued by the thought it could.

Events like these are an important part of making people aware of the variety of Google’s reach in media… it would just be nice if the information was a little more detailled.

Kevin noted there were no engineers present… maybe there should have been. I know the guests were savvy and knowledgeable…. but then again we use the products.

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