Social Media Could Thrive In a Recession Says Forrester Research

Marketing and PR people hate to hear talk of a recession or a depression. Our budgets are always the first to get cut, A report from Forrester out today says this time will be different -online and social media marketing could escape that fate.

Strategies For Interactive Marketing In A Recession says companies will continue to invest online

Online display ads won’t be hit too hard -brand advertisers seeking cheaper media could turn from TV and print to online video and flash ads.
Money will flow toward search – Google and other search-based firms could actually see prices increase as marketing dollars cut from mass brand advertising begin to flow into performance-based search
Email marketing will increase -existing customers are far more likely to listen to your messages in a recession than new prospects
Social Applications Could Thrive – social programs leverage the voice of the customer to get messages carried further than ad impressions, they’re chepa and they motivate consumers in the middle of the funnel.

The report is free and open for public access. It does have a fairly long registration process. The link to register is on the top right of the page.

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