What Do Users Get on Google News Local Search? Zip.


Google News now slices and dices local news by zip code.

Before passing judgment on the new Google News feature — launched on the Google News blog under “All News Is Local” – Google asks users to provide feedback. As usual, Google calls the launch an experiment.

The results? As you can see from a news search for “90210” the SERP (search engine results page) the Google News search algorithm ranks the zip code high. The deceased “90210” TV show ranks first. The keyword 90210 is in the title tag. Plus,

The Google News experiment may present a challenge for search engine optimization professionals who specialize in SEO PR. It’s more likely, though, that Marketwire’s new Social Media 2.0 press release product will have more of an impact on the way corporations – including newspapers – disseminate news and information.

At this early stage, geotargeting news by typing in a city name Typing in “Beverly Hills” in Google News doesn’t deliver better results, favor local news sources, or aggregate local news.

This Google experiment? Google Local News search may not be canceled like the 90210 TV series but it’s not ready for primetime.

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