Y! Live is Dead! Long Live Yahoo! Live


Live from Yahoo! It’s Y! Live Night! Or not. Yahoo! Live, the experimental live video service, debuted and crashed and crashed, resulting in a public apology and mea culpa from the 6 engineers who launched the service. The web service is boldly (and entirely coincidentally) named Y! Live in the grand tradition of MSN Live, Live Windows, and Windows Live triumphant product releases.

“Yes, Yahoo! Live is alive! Yahoo! Live is an experiment in personal live video broadcasting, brought to you by our Advanced Products team,” wrote Eric Fixler, the aptly-named Y! Live engineer on the Yahoo Developer Network’s launch of Yahoo! Live Web Services.

We have only one question: Y?

“Maintenance. Yahoo! Live is an experimental release. We’ve experienced heavy traffic and are taking a breather to tune things up a bit.” according to the message posted on the Yahoo site that can’t be seen.

No word on whether Y! Live will be back up in time to live stream the Yahoo Board of Directors decision on Microsoft’s hostile bid.

Here’s why we should forgive Yahoo’s decision not to dedicate more resources to making the launch a success during the most important week in the company’s storied history:

“One thing to keep in mind is that although this product comes from Yahoo! (a big company), the team working on Y! Live is only six people deep. We’re a really tiny incubation group which is tasked with building innovative new products and get them out there ASAP. Our mantra is to iterate and build with the community, as opposed to unveiling The Next Big Thing on Day One. We hope you collaborate with us as we shape Y! Live into a game-changing product.”

6? 6. 6! people. Who needs a Do No Evil motto when you have the Y! Live 6?

Good news: Yahoo! Live ships with API goodness.

Yahoo! your ship didn’t come in. It set sail without you.

“First night – killer good times, now making some tweaks.” Blog on, Yahoo!

Note to Yahoo Board, (aka Generation “Gap”): the term “killer” is the Gen Y way of saying “peachy keen” and has nothing at all to do with dead web services.

No doubt Yahoo execs will get back to writing a new peanut butter manifesto in a Jiffy.

Write your own peanut butter manifesto here.

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