Gathering of the SEM bloggers at Search Engine Strategies London

When Search Engine Strategies London gets underway on Tuesday, Feb. 19, there will be more than a dozen chieftans of the SEM and SEO blogging community gathered at the Business Design Centre in Islington.


(I’d compare what will take place next week to a “gathering of the clans,” except it involves a big bunch of SEM bloggers, not a large group of related people wearing kilts. Plus, it’s taking place in England, not in Scotland. But, there may be some drinking of Scotch, so I think my analogy is not entirely off base.)

I’ve already mentioned a number of blog posts about SES London, including:
— “Fredrick Marckini iProspect Exclusive SEO Interview with Dan Horton;”
— Christine Churchill’s “A Chat with Analytics Guru Jim Sterne;”
— Simon Heseltine’s “SES London 2008 Interview – Piers Stobbs;”
— Massimo Burgio’s “Pre-SES London interviews: Piers Stobbs, comScore;”
— Lee Odden’s “SES London: News & Blog SEO, Reputation Management;” and
— Lisa Barone’s “Gearing up for SES London!.”

(Lisa will be missing the show, but the other prominent search engine marketing industry bloggers will be there.)

But wait! There’s more!

After watching a similar but different gathering of the clans on NESN, the New England Sports Network, this morning — which broadcast the first workout of Red Sox pitchers and catchers during spring training live from Fort Myers — I used Google Blog Search to discover more than a dozen other posts about Search Engine Strategies London.

This includes:

SES London 2008 – 10 Reasons To Attend. Mel Carson was doing quite a bit of work this weekend to clear the decks so he can immerse himself in all the sessions, all the talking, and he says that he might be found with a beer in his hand (instead of a Scotch) on some, if not all, of the evenings.

Andy Beal Speaking at SES London Feb 19-21. You’d think that being a British ex-pat, Andy Beal would have had many opportunities to speak at SES London in the past. Well, next week will actually be his first time speaking at the London event — joining his good friend Mike Grehan.

SES London 2008. Pam Hoffman writes, “If you live and breathe search, or just want to know more about it, then Search Engine Strategies is for you. SES is a great show for anyone who wants to hear experts share their knowledge, find out about the latest developments and future technologies, and hone their search expertise.”

Connectpoint to attend SES London 2008. Both Peter Young, Head of Online Marketing for Connectpoint, and Will Graham, the firm’s Online Marketing Manager, will be attending Search Engine Strategies London. Pater says, “It is the first time we at Connectpoint will be attending one of the UK SEO showcase events, and definitely not the last.”

SES London 2008 Interview – Jon Myers. Simon Heseltine also interviewed Jon Myers of Mediavest, a Manchester, England based firm. Jon is actually involved with 5 different sessions at this conference, but this interview deals directly with the Auditing Paid Listings & Click Fraud Issues session on Tuesday Feb 19th at 11am.

Reminder: Microsoft adCenter Team at SES London. Mel Carson also has another post that points out that quite a few of the members of the Microsoft adCenter Team are speaking at sessions throughout the conference.

Meals for the Day – 2/15/08. Okay, so this one is a bit of a mish-mash. But Jennifer Laycock meant to make chicken, asparagus and maybe some pasta for dinner, but she’s been working for hours and hours on her PowerPoint for the training event after SES London and completely lost track of time.

SES Paris 2008 – Interesting Observation… Technically, this isn’t about SES London. But, Mona Elesseily does say, “I can always get me some bangers and mash at SES London 2008 (starts on February 19 2008). (If you see Mona at the show, tell her she has “nice shoes.” Trust me on this.)

SES London Preview. And, while this isn’t a blog post, check out this preview of the upcoming SES London show with Kevin Ryan, Vice President and Global Content Director of Search Engine Strategies and SES London Chair Mike Grehan.

London to host search engine marketing event. Chris Bolwig of IceNews writes, “The event is seen as one of the most comprehensive SEM/SEO education opportunities in the UK or Europe and a number of highly-specialised sessions on search engine optimisation will be on offer. Search marketing guru Kristjan M. Hauksson, director of a growing Internet marketing company in Scandinavia, will deliver a session on ‘Dynamic Websites: Beyond the Basics’.”

Search Engine Strategies sets agenda for London 2008. According to this news article, “This year’s conference will be hosted by search marketing specialist Mike Grehan. Mike is recognized as one of the foremost SEM experts. He was voted one of the UK’s top 100 influential people in Internet marketing in a poll of e-Consultancy’s 22,000 UK members.”

Search Engine Strategies. In this forum post, Fintan aka Wannabe Geek asks, “Any one going to Search Engine Strategies London – 19-21 February 2008 – the intersection of search, marketing & commerce in London this month?” There are lots of replies.

Anyone going to Search Engine Strategies 2008?. In another forum, Simon aka Figleaf asks, “Is anyone going to Search Engine Strategies in London 19-21 Feb? I think I will be going so if anyone fancies a meet up, drop me a line.”

Now, I should disclose that SES London is a client. But, that’s not so bad. While reading The Boston Globe this morning, I saw the most tortured disclosure statement that I’ve ever stumbled across. In his column, “It’s live – but not lively,” which is about NESN’s live broadcast from Fort Myers, Dan Shaughnessy wrote, “Disclaimer: the New York Times Co., which owns the Globe, owns 17 percent of the Red Sox, who own 80 percent of NESN.”

Now, that’s something that I can discuss with the SEM bloggers gathering at Search Engine Strategies London — over a Scotch, a beer, or some bangers and mash.

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