Hilary Clinton Accused of Obama Turban Warfare in Universal Search


Universal search has changed the course of history. Blended search – the combination of the universal searches for Obama turban photo, Barack Obama news stories, YouTube Obama Girl videos and buzz-worthy blogs have created a political firestorm ignited by Internet search.

Forget the official YouTube debates and lofty and admirable aspirations of Google’s Sergey Brin. Welcome to the grim, new Making of the Internet President.

Once again the conservative anti-Clinton Drudge Report blog created an onslaught of Internet searches for the Obama photo – Muslim turban and Somali robes – traditional African dress and not a reflection of Obama’s religion.

The New York Post – arguably the best headline writers in the free world – call it “Turban Warfare” and a “Bum Wrap.”

That’s funnier than Hilary’s ill-fated lines mocking Obama – the trademark violation “change you can Xerox” and “Shame on you, Barack Obama” — one that has surely come back to bite her and her alleged leaking campaign.

Comedian, American Express pitchwoman and TV host Ellen DeGeneres
appeared via satellite at a Clinton fundraiser on Monday to banter with Hilary. The segment will be aired on DeGeneres’ show this week. (A follow up to comedian Tina Fey and her SNL b-word rant.)

Is Obama Photo Worth 1000 Keywords? That’s the topic of Search Engine WarGames in politics this week – an in-depth look at how keywords and keyword phrases have shaped the political debate: from “bitch is the new black” to “raisin in the sun;” from former crack cocaine addict and Oliver North (Iran Contra) secretary “fawn hall to “obama turban” — politics will never be the same.

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