Spamalot? Yahoo! Buzz Is Not Your Holy Grail


Yahoo! Buzz promises to squash spammers with a team of spam cops: the Yahoo! Buzz Editors.

Yahoo! has a team of editors who program links on These same editors will now be reviewing all top-ranked stories on Yahoo! Buzz for possible feature placement on homepage.

How many? Your guess is as good as mine. Yahoo doesn’t share specific numbers on the size of their teams. Or their secret identities.

During the initial beta Yahoo! tested with a limited group of publishers that represented a broad range of content types, large and small. How you can get in the game:

Yahoo will open up to more publishers over the course of the beta. Interested publishers can join the mailing list via this link for updates.

Here’s how Yahoo plans to keep spammers out and their buzzworthy results from being manipulated:

Users will need to login to Yahoo to vote which should help keep spammers out. Yahoo! Buzz plans to insure the integrity of the votes by combining user voting on-and-off network with a proprietary search ranking algorithm.

From initial Buzz results, very little censorship and keyword cleansing.

PopSugar and GiggleSugar join the entertainment category eaderboard dominated by Yahoo O&O properties. Voting? Fast and furious.

So what do Yahoo! Buzzters yodel?

Warning: Adult Content including the V-C words after the jump …

Yahoo Buzz! omg!: “Fonda, The C-Word,” “V-A-G-I-N-A” on The Today Show? You bet.

GiggleSugar scored 1,000 buzz points with that one in a closed beta.

A vid of Letterman’s Top 10 Jane Fonda excuses for using the four letter word didn’t hurt.

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