Brokeback Mountain View: Microsoft – Yahoo


Henry Blodget, editor of the fast-growing blog, Silicon Alley Insider (SAI), has an exclusive interview today with an unnamed “influential Yahoo (YHOO) and Microsoft (MSFT) shareholder.” He offers exclusive “access to the (shareholder’s) thinking on the Microsoft-Yahoo deal.”

That would be me, says the former Wall St. analyst. Henry Blog-It!

Apparently not enough people have asked Henry Blodget for Henry Blodget’s opinion of the Microsoft-Yahoo deal. So he this morning he did it himself.

Slate tried their best. Daniel Gross quoted Internet analyst and Slate contributor Henry Blodget in Slate (MONEYBOX: The Unspeakable R Word): “Search may be the best advertising medium in the history of the world,” says Internet analyst and Slate contributor Henry Blodget. “But that doesn’t help much when searchers are broke.”

That’s his Brokeback Mountain View: no country for old analysts.

All is forgiven: Blodget grew up in the “Me Decade” coined by Tom Wolfe. Henry made coin on Wall St. just after the “Bonfire of the Vanities.” Now as an aspiring A-List blogger he writes “Advertisements For Myself,” a 1960s strategy pioneered by Norman Mailer.

Blodget has become the defacto DIY go-to guy: DIY plumbers (leaks), DIY pink slippers (layoffs), DIY Page Six-ers (celebs, rumors) and DIY fruit stand (sour grapes). SAI loves engaging in what Mike Arrington of TechCrunch lovingly calls “rumormongering” to describe his own pioneering style of the New New Web 2.0 Journalism.

Henry has sense of humor calling his ploy a self-styled example of “Net-era absurdity.” We prefer to term it Kafkaesque.

Henry – no private wealth financial advisor – has hung on to his Yahoo and Microsoft shares for “the better part of a decade.” (So that’s what’s behind his bearish views on the Google Disaster.)

The better part of a decade!

I’d summarize and disagree with Henry but I don’t want to interrupt his conversation with himself. But you’ve really gotta read it to believe it.

You’ll find out the most important reason Henry warns “Jerry to get his butt up to Redmond.”

Why? Well for one reason, Henry thinks “Steve Ballmer has a decent chance of getting Jerry and the board fired.”

There you have it. What self-respecting billionaire wants to file for unemployment insurance these days?

Jerry Yang, are you listening?

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