Earth Liberation Front (ELF) Burning Down The House?


The Earth Liberation Front (ELF) allegedly burned down the “Street of Dreams” a multi-million-dollar development in Woodinville, Washington. Explosives found inside luxury houses ignited the blaze near Seattle on Monday morning. Police suspect the anonymous eco-terrorism group set the fires.

The collective groups’ members are called Elves or “The Elves.” Is an elf an ordinary guy? Were the elves framed? None of the homes were sold according the Seattle Bubble blog.

The Earth Liberation Front is sometimes mistakenly called the Environmental Liberation Front – creating greater confusion for search engine algorithms and searchers’ database of intentions. There is no Web site in Google for the ELF.

The FBI classified the Earth Liberation Front as ecoterrorists and the top domestic terror threat in the United States in March 2001. That was before September 11th.

Now Internet search has given rise to Anonymous, the anti-Scientology group that uses viral videos widely available in YouTube and other video search engines to promote their cause.

Nothing’s more viral than manmade disasters (California wildfires) and natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, floods). Hold tight we’re in for nasty weather.

TV has been criticized for publicizing terrorist acts. TV, though, hires editors and producers to help their talking heads. The Internet? Unfiltered.

YouTube? Not enough editors to even keep copyrighted material offsite.

There has got to be a way.

Environmental Life Force (ELF), AKA the Original ELF, confuses search engine spiders even more. ELF was the first radical environmental group that used explosives, homemade bombs and incendiary devices to defend the environment.

Legolas Greenleaf (Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings) was also an elf, as were Arwen and Galadriel in the JRR Tolkien books who fought for the preservation of Middle Earth.

When people search online, they make associations betweeen the images, Web sites, and videos they see. In search, there are no coincidences.

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