Dr. Seuss Created Google – Here’s Proof


Dr. Seuss is the Genius behind Google. Here’s proof: Goo Goo + Goggles = Google.

((goo + goo) – goo))+ (goggles – g squared – s) = google.

There you go: a mathematical proof that Dr. Seuss invented Google long before Larry Page and Sergey Brin were even born. Googlewashing Dr. Seuss?


Today’s the 104th birthday of the late, great Dr. Seuss. Yet Larry and Sergey seem determined to cover up the scandal over the true creator of Google.

So who does Google feature in today’s Google Doodle? Pa Bell. Alexander Graham Bell, who’s posthumously celebrating his 161st birthday.

So Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Great. But it’s not like he invented the iPhone or anything.

Besides Bell wisely considered the telephone an intrusion on his scientific work.

He refused to have a telephone in his study, according to Elizabeth MacLeod, author of “Alexander Graham Bell: An Inventive Life.”


The world’s people will not be tricked into forgetting Dr. Seuss by the Google. Do No Evil. History will not be whitewashed or green-eggs-and-ham-washed.

Today millions, possibly billions of people (Google naturally won’t release the exact number) searched for dr seuss, dr seuss hat, dr. seuss, dr seuss coloring, dr suess, seuss, dr.suess, dr.seuss activities, dr.seuss printables, cat in the hat, dr.seuss games, green eggs and ham, dr. seuss quotes, dr. seuss birthday, dr seuss coloring pages, dr. seuss, cat in the hat, dr seuss biography, and dr seuss pictures.

All because they couldn’t find Dr. Seuss on Google.com homepage.

Thanks to Keyword Discovery, we unraveled the mystery.


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