Gates Talks Smack – Google Talk Crack


Gates at the Barbarians: “In terms of Google, not to overstate it, but they really don’t understand the special needs of business. Today, their economic model is based on consumer search. They have done an incredible job there and obviously we’re investing in challenging them in that space …”

Overheard at the Googleplex … or not:

Sergey: Say whut?
Larry: None. Bill talk crack just like alwayz.
Sergey: Talk ****, Get Hit.

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates talked smack about Google at a press Q&A following the launch of Sharepoint yesterday:

“If you’ve seen … the Google tools that have tried to do productivity type things, they really don’t have the richness the responsiveness. You can see that relative [to] the success they have had there. Most of these Google products, to be frank, the day they announce them is their best day and then after that ….”

It was not a good day for Marissa Mayer on the Microsoftwatch, as Gates called out Google Talk as, well, a miserable failure:

“I remember there was one called G Talk. I can barely remember the name but it was so, you know, it was going to change the world, and so you know, it’s healthy that there are many choices that people have here.”

Separately, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer played Bob Barker, saying the price is right — and the timing — for Microsoft to buy Yahoo.

“The deal makes sense with the price and structure we announced. We hope it becomes reality,” he said at a press conference at CeBIT in Hanover. “There is a lot of merit for Microsoft and Yahoo, for Yahoo shareholders and for Microsoft shareholders, for advertisers and for consumers.”

So Jerry, “Come on down!”

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