7 Deadly SEO Questions for Google’s Matt Cutts


Wired? Or Weird? The Matt Cutts Interview on Epicenter in The Wired Blog Network.

The Question is no longer: “Is Google God?”

Wired knows the answer: Matt Cutts is. A god with a little g. Or at least “like” a god. Not just any god. An Internet god.

“Among search geeks and online marketers, Matt Cutts is like an internet god,” wrote Betsy Schiffman in her blog post.

Last week when soliciting reader questions, Betsy called Matt one of the most “feared, loathed and revered men on the internet.” He was “Google’s search stud.”

Perhaps it was inevitable that Matt Cutts would be deified. We just thought Wired might have made him a saint first. (cat god = inside joke for Cuttlets)

Nothing against Wired. I love Wired. So much I paid full retail price (less my Barnes & Noble discount) for the print magazine just to read Chris Anderson’s “Free-conomics” before it was available free online.

Before readers reach the Q&A they have to hear the porn cookie guy story. Again.

Wired or Tired? You decide.

USA Today reviewed “The Google Story” by David A. Vise and Mark Malseed back in November of 2005:

“Take, for instance, the developer of Google’s SafeSearch filter, Matt Cutts, also know as ‘porn cookie guy’: “Cutts got his moniker by giving out his wife’s tempting homemade cookies to Googlers who help him find unwanted porn.”

Then there’s Porn Flakes, the Google cereal story (via SEL?). Thanks but we’ll have our breakfast of champions with attribution, Betsy.

Cereality! Matt got his own cereal box on the Google campus. No mention of Raisin Brin, LarryO’s or Porn Flakes?

Danny posted today about Rand’s Feb 29 video interview with Matt.

Last week I linked to Eric Enge’s phenomenally popular, full text Q&A interview with Matt Cutts.

Today I’ll link to Aaron Wall’s #1 ranked (in Google for “matt cutts interview“) done in 2005.

All Matt Cutts All The Time: our new Search Engine Watch mantra.

So in the interest of fair use, here are the 7 Deadly Questions Wired asked Matt:

1. Does SEO (search-engine optimization) work?
2. Where do you see search in two to five years?
3. What about social search?
4. Will you ever roll out for-fee webmaster tools?
5. On video search, is there a bias toward YouTube videos?
6. If you were to start a web-based business tomorrow, what key things would you do?
7. What’s going on with Google bombs — are you still seeing them?

Continue reading for three Matt Cutts Wired Quotes of the Day:

Wired Magazine sat down with Matt Cutts to ask him reader-submitted questions about the world of search. Cutts answered questions about whether or not SEO really works, the future of search, if Google curries favor to YouTube in their search results and his opininon on social search, among other things.

Some notable quotes from the Q&A Interview include:

On whether SEO works:

Think of it this way: When you put a resume forward, you want it to be as clean as possible. If the resume is sloppy, you’re not going to get interviewed for the job. SEO is sort of like tweaking your resume

On the future of Search:

Personalization is also really interesting to me. So if you search for ‘diamond,’ [the search engine will know] if you’re looking for jewelry or baseball.

On possible Google bias towards YouTube:

I’ve asked around about this issue and the people I’ve spoken with strongly deny it. We are actively trying to promote diversity and we take that as a high-order goal.

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