AdWords Annouces, Explains Load Time Usage In Quality Score

The Adwords blog just announced the details of the inclusion of page load times in calculating Quality Score. This is an important announcement for all AdWords advertisers as it is a direct impact on your pricing.

We have been discussing it in the forums and was told about the announcement by the Google AdWords Rep who posts on the forums giving Google help.

Their stance is “users have the best experience when they don’t have to wait a long time for landing pages to load” and that many possible infractions take added load times. Always looking out for the users…..

The help guide states “we evaluate your load time relative to the average in your server’s geographic region.”

What that exactly means should be more detailed. What happens if a particular region just has slow times and you are impacted by that? Would finding a slower overall region help fast loading sites? Would moving to a slower region for that matter help a slow site?

Could this create situations that competitors could take advantage of… is there a slow speed hack yet to be created? Is this a Pandora’s Box of troubles yet to come?

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