How to Go Beyond Linkbait : SES NYC

SES NYC is fast approaching. My session with Chris Boggs and Lee Odden titled Beyond Linkbait will cover some interesting ideas.

I spoke to Chris today to get his take on the idea of going beyond linkbait.

One topic he’s covering is reciprocal links – good or bad? If done properly, they can still be a good SEO tactic, says Chris. They need to happen naturally and be relevant. He has some great ideas on how to make these links work for SEO and offers examples of what a bad reciprocal link and a good reciprocal link would be.

Chris plans to share a case study about creating content for YouTube or other social media sites that is not intended to produce links directly. “We built a peice of content around a game on a client’s site with the intention of building buzz and getting bloggers to write it about it and then link to the client’s site where the game is hosted,” explained Chris.

They’ve had over 25 000 views on YouTube and a flood of links and traffic to the client’s site.

Sounds like a hard act to follow!

My case study is about The Bounce Test videos and how we took this content and turned it into a serious women’s health issue backed by research that got coverage from influential bloggers and mainstream media sites.

See you in New York on the 20th March

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