Jason Calacanis TechCrunched in Techmeme: Deathmatch at SES New York

Jason Calacanis has owned the front page of Techmeme–the world’s most influential technology and Web 2.0 news aggregator–for the past 18 hours and counting.

Another Civil War in Silicon Valley? Well, it’s war anyway–even if not civil.

Aussie Duncan Riley of TechCrunch fame bodyslammed Jason after his Calacanis.com post on how to run a startup. Duncan said “Calacanis Fires People Who Have A Life.” So far, 164 comments on TechCrunch about firing anyone who’s not a workaholic …

Jason got up off the canvas, charged his opponent Valleywagged, and parried Duncan’s jabs by updating his post, How to save money running a startup by revising his VC deathmatch coda. http://www.calacanis.com/2008/03/07/how-to-save-money-running-a-startup-17-really-good-tips/

By then Duncan had tagged out: Allen Stern delivered a sidekick to Jason’s solar plexus that sent him all the way to Starbucks country: Working at Mahalo is Like Prison Except We Gots Better Coffee.

Jason Calacanis “Electrified Cage Deathmatch Bar Room Brawl” at SES New York in the SOLD OUT (Not Paris) Hilton in New York the day after St. Patrick’s Day.

Note: See it live! SES On Demand Video will be available to Search Engine Watch members only after the SES New York Deathmatch.

Celebrities on the front row: Kevin Ryan, John Battelle, Andrew Tomkins, Nick Carr, Gordon McLeod and many, many more.

Tickets on sale now!


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