Google Launches New Conference: Google “Insertion Order” for Developers


Google launched a new branded product today: the Google I/O Web Forward developer conference, a two-day, event for developers to share knowledge about Google’s developer products in specific and Web application development in general. For marketers, I/O means insertion order; for developers, input/output.

I/O (input/output) means communication between an information processing system (i.e. computer), and the world – possibly a human, or more likely in Google’s scenario: an information processing system (computer).

Sounds like Search Engine WarGames to us.

Google I/O will be held May 28–29 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Five tracks will run simultaneously with several related to local mobile search and social search.

Social Search: The web is an inherently social place. A new wave of APIs and frameworks, including OpenSocial, are opening up interesting ways to interact with people through applications.

Mobile: Android and Mobile Gears offer the opportunity to build applications on the mobile Web. Search is moving to mobile devices and opening up applications that span multiple platforms.

Maps & Geo: Local search is not only going mobile, it’s going geo. These sessions focus on geo applications, including KML (Google Earth apps)and the Google Maps API.

There will also be tracks for APIs (Google AdWords) & Google Web Toolkit.

Tickets are $400 for developers (or any interested people, we presume), with discounts available for students.

Google Rock Star devcelopers: attendees will\ learn first-hand from Google engineers like Mark Lucovsky, Guido van Rossum, David Glazer, Alex Martelli, Steve Souders, Dion Almaer, Jeff Dean, Chris DiBona, and Josh Bloch.

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