Client 9 Domains Snatched by Spitzer Scandal Profiteers

Direct navigation and type-in traffic boast the highest conversion rates of any type of search traffic. But not in every case. Take Eliot Spitzer’s for example.

Minutes after news broke about Governor Spitzer’s alleged involvement with a prostitution ring, domains related to the scandal began selling like hot cakes. According to Wired Blog, domains such as have been snatched up since the New York Times went live with the story on Monday and (unlike they can’t monetize the traffic they receive., purchased last October, has been listed for sale at $750. Anyone expecting huge profits from these domains could be in for a rude awakening.

Nick Galbreth, a software engineer who purchased, has made just $11, though he estimates having invested 8 hours of work into the domain.

Chris Potoski, on the other hand, is using the scandal to redirect traffic to his already established adult content sites. He’s already gained 11 members from the marketing effort. Of course, he’s not sharing the names of his new clients.

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