Video interview with Bruce Clay at SES London 2008

I did a video interview with Bruce Clay, President of Bruce Clay, Inc., at SES London 2008. Bruce talked about how the changing world of search is also changing the requirements for SEM and SEO toolkits as well as driving the need for integrating those tools with web analytics.

And, as I mentioned in my post, Schedule optimization for SES New York, Bruce discussed why he was providing conference attendees with free access to his Bruce Clay tools. He also talks about why the Blog, which is written by Lisa Barone, doesn’t try to create link bait, but does end up getting lots of links.

Bruce Clay, Bruce Clay Inc., at SES London 2008 on SEO / SEM

Bruce Clay has operated as an executive with several high-technology businesses and comes from a long career as a technical manager with Boole and Babbage, Amdahl, Convergent Technologies, Acer America, and, since 1996, in the Internet business consulting area. Bruce holds a B.S. in math/computer science and an MBA from Pepperdine University, has had many articles published, has been a speaker at over 100 sessions, and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, PC Week, Wired Magazine, Smart Money, several books, and many more publications. He has personally authored many advanced search engine optimization tools that are available from his company websites as well as from his booth at the Bruce Clay, Inc. booth at SES New York 2008, where his firm is a Premier Sponsor.

Check out interviews with other speakers at SES London at the SES Conference Expo channel on YouTube.

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