Google Interview: CEO Eric Schmidt All Over Microsoft?


Google CEO Eric Schmidt is all over Microsoft — but not as in “the Fat Lady sings.”

He foresees Microsoft breaking the Internet: not crushing competitors — literally obliterating the Internet. Schmidt’s “not aware” of a Google proposal to buy the New York Times but “doesn’t rule anything out.”

Russ Mitchell’s Portfolio interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt is a must-read.

Read it now — or this weekend — before you arrive in NYC for SES — or follow the conference via live blogging and video interviews.

Schmidt says that the “concentration of Microsoft’s resources and its history, combined with the very large share that it would have in certain applications—like instant messaging and email—that could be used essentially to break the internet and diminish choice.”

The entire April issue will be online Monday — the first day of Search Engine Strategies New York — with Portfolio magazine on newsstands in New York on Wednesday, April 19th — day 3 of SES New York.

Portfolio blogger Kevin Maney says “Google has won” — except Eric Schmidt doesn’t know it.

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