Et Tu Google? Ides Of March Sees Ad Manager Launch

While Google CEO Eric Schmidt claims the possible merger of Yahoo and Microsoft could break the Internet, the launch of yet another free service – the new Ad Manager they are now beta testing – seems to be more of a threat.

“It’s an unstable situation. But the theoretical issue is the concentration of Microsoft’s resources and its history, combined with the very large share that it would have in certain applications—like instant messaging and email—that could be used essentially to break the internet and diminish choice,” Schmidt told

Obviously Google does not think they are hurting the entrepreneurial spirit of the web.

Combined Yahoo and Microsoft hold less search share than Google. Giving away services that companies have their entire online business income based on seems more of a threat.

You have to figure the ad server firms will now be complaining to the analytics companies about the impact of Google on their livelihood.

So I guess the Ides of March will no longer be remembered just as the day Julius Caesar was killed, but also the day the ad server industry was also knifed in the back.

“”The quick appearance of this new service may be an indication of how well matched the two companies’ offerings are to begin with. Ad Manager isn’t the sort of product that occurred to Google after it announced its intention to acquire the company. This has probably been on the drawing board since before the deal was publicly discussed. Now that the acquisition is complete, Google was prepared to roll it out very quickly — in less than 72 hours after the deal closed,” Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT Research told

The impact on the ad server industry should be another of the hot topics being discussed during next week’s SES conference in New York.

PS: Even the NY Times sees something in this new launch, they wrote an article called Google’s Trojan Horse: Let The Free Ad Serving Begin!

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