Bryan Eisenberg of Future Now at SES London 2008

Bryan Eisenberg, the co-founder of Future Now, Inc., spoke on the Orion Panel: All Star Analytics Team during SES London 2008. He also spoke at the Converting Visitors into Buyers and Redefining the Customer sessions. After a couple of days, the sessions started blending together in unexpected ways.

Brian discusses the ad-hoc floor meetings he’s had as well as the more planned sessions. He is interested in the overlap between sessions and topics, like the Microsoft Yahoo bid and the question of how to most effectively convert visitors.

At the Orion Panel, Brian spoke out on the issue of whether or not to pay for an analytics package, and the potential for privacy issues that he thinks needs to be addressed more openly. He also noted that Google needs to be more transparent.

Bryan Eisenberg, Future Now, at SES London 2008 on SEO

In addition to being a co-founder of Future Now, an interactive marketing optimization firm, Bryan Eisenberg is also a co-inventor of Persuasion Architecture, Future Now’s framework for optimizing online experiences to maximize lead generation, subscriptions, and sales.

Brian is also the publisher of Future Now’s award-winning blog, GrokDotCom, a columnist for ClickZ and, and has authored several books and reports, including the best-selling Call to Action and Waiting For Your Cat to Bark. His clients include NBC Universal, GE, WebEx, Overstock, and Dell.

Bryan is currently working on his next book, Always Be Testing, which is due in September 2008. He will be speaking at the Redefining the Customer session at SES New York 2008.

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