Ken McGaffin of Wordtracker Keyword Research at SES London 2008

Ken McGaffin, the Chief Marketing Officer of Wordtracker, discusses some of the most interesting trends in keyword research at SES London 2008. This includes the movement of SEO and keyword research skills to in-house professionals, which has generated a marked increase in demand for corporate training sessions.

Ken also reveals that journalists are starting to show interest in keyword research, given the necessity of getting their stories and multimedia content found in news search engines, video search engines and web search engines.

Ken McGaffin, Wordtracker keyword research, at SES London 2008

Picking the best keywords is at the heart of any online marketing campaign. Get them right, and you’ll get remarkable increases in search engine traffic. But you don’t have to guess what the best keywords are – tools like Wordtracker will tell you.

Wordtracker collects search data – the words real people use when they do real searches online. It analyzes and count these search phrases, and give users a variety of tools to use them in creative ways to bring relevant visitors to their websites.

With Wordtracker, you can optimize your websites organically, plan effective pay-per-click campaigns, identify niche markets, generate search engine-friendly content plans, choose memorable domain names, and choose new product and publication names. Wordtracker and other keyword research tools will help you dramatically increase the number of effective keywords in your online marketing strategy.

You can find more information on keyword strategy at the Wordtracker Academy, or by visiting their booth at SES New York 2008.

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