Top ten stories from SES New York – Day 3

It’s Day 3 at SES New York 2008 and today the folks from Pan Communications have found more than 80 stories that have been written about the Search Engine Strategies conference.

I’ve looked through the news articles and blog posts from Wednesday, March 19, 2008, to try to identify the top ten stories on Day 3 of the event. It’s getting much harder – particularly after returning from the WebmasterRadio.FM SearchBash, which was still going strong when I left.

1. Mahalo adds user reviews to search site
Elinor Mills of CNET says, “Mahalo is adding user reviews to its human-powered search site in a new feature dubbed ‘My Mahalo.’ So, when you search for books, movies, music, places, and products, a box appears on the right with reviews and comments from people in your Mahalo social network, as well as an average rating for whatever is being reviewed. Underneath the results is a section for user-recommended links related to the search and user reviews from other Mahalo users, as well as a link to discuss the page with others.”

2. Jason Calacanis gives product demo of My Mahalo at SES New York
John Mulligan of SEO-PR interviewed Jason Calacanis, the founder and CEO of, who gave a product demo of My Mahalo, which was unveiled at SES New York today.

3. SES Keynote: Search Has Changed Everything…And So Can You by Gordon McLeod
Kent Lewis of Search Marketing Standard says, “Wednesday morning at SES kicked off with a keynote by Gordon McLeod from Wall Street Journal Digital Network entitled “Search Has Changed Everything…And So Can You.” McLeod initially outlined the size and shape of the current WSJ network of financial news sites, then took us back to the 1996 site, which had 50,000 subscribers and four firewalls.”

4. Uncovering the Real Universal Search
Kevin Ryan of Search Engine Watch says, “Ever wonder just how fast universal search is being adopted? How about the number of searchers that include a universal result? Perhaps more importantly, what’s the real impact of search result multiplicity?
You asked, and we found out. This week’s SES New York saw many new things, but Tuesday’s Orion Panel on universal search finally shed some light on the biggest change in search since Idealab launched paid listings.

5. Google Transformation from Just Search to Destination
Om Malik of GigaOM says, “Almost a year ago, writing for GigaOM, Robert Young posted a piece that billed Google as a media company and eventually more a destination in the classic media sense. Some statistics released by comScore at the Search Engine Strategies conference in New York support Young’s assertions.”

6. Web Analytics Tips – SES New York Style
Mel Carson of the adCenter Analytics Blog says, “I’m at the Search Engine Strategies 2008 conference in New York, working the Microsoft booth, meeting customers, spreading the word about and going to as many of the sessions as I can. For any of your not familiar with the conference it has a global footprint and is totally dedicated to search engine marketing, both PPC (pay-per-click) and SEO (search engine optimisation).”

7. SES New York: Successful Tactics for Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Andrew R H Girdwood says, “Rookie mistake! I didn’t get to the room early enough for the popular Successful Tactics for Social Media Optimization (SMO) track and all the power sources for my laptop are already in use. No batteries left. No choice… I’ll have to try and take notes by hand.”

8. Search Engine Strategies Expo

Mike Corso of Cool Site of the Day says, “Big day yesterday. I was interviewed at the Search Engine Strategies trade show in New York City (see clip below). Also, tune into for an interview I did with them at SES as well.”

9. SES NY: SEM Blitz On Small Business
David A. Utter of WebProNews says, “You have to spend money to make money, but sometimes the best way to market a business means spending common sense.”

10. Link Building Basics Session at SES NY
Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal says, “Allan Dick of Vintage Tub and Bath is moderating the session on Link Building with Debra Mastaler, Dixon Jones and Degrelle.”

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