Top ten stories from SES New York – Day 4

It’s Day 4 at SES New York 2008 and the folks from Pan Communications found more than 20 stories about the Search Engine Strategies conference that had been written before 1:45 p.m. when the press room was closed. So, I may be missing some of the additional coverage of the event that appeared later in the day.

Plus, Kevin Ryan, VP, Global Content Director, SES & Search Engine Watch, added a morning keynote to the schedule along with new sessions like “My Search is Better than Your Search.” So, there were plenty of sessions to cover.

Plus, there are so many search engine marketing news sites and SEO blogs that have been covering SES New York that I’m sure I’ve missed some of stories from the event – because its been called “SES New York,” “SES NY,” “SES NYC,” “Search Engine Strategies New York,” “Search Engine Strategies NY,” “Search Engine Strategies NYC,” the “Search Engine Strategies conference,” and the “Search Engine Strategies expo.”

So, while watching the NCAA Mens Final Four in my hotel room, I’ve looked through the news articles and blog posts that I could find from Thursday, March 20, 2008. Here’s the best list that I could assemble of the top ten stories on Day 4 of the event:

1. Yahoo Wants Sites to Play Ball on Semantic Web
Kenneth Corbin of says, “In his keynote address here at the final day of the Search Engine Strategies conference, Andrew Tomkins, chief scientist of Yahoo’s (NASDAQ: YHOO) search division, described an industry at a tipping point. The search engines are only now beginning to adapt to the explosion of content and the increasing complexity of the tasks people perform on the Internet, he said.”

2. My Mahalo preview at SES New York
Jason Calacanis of says, “Had a blast at SES New York this week… at the conference we previewed some new features called My Mahalo that build semantic relationships between our users and object in our database (fancy way of saying you and the thing you own, have seen, want to see, want to read, etc.).” He adds, “We also spent some time doing interviews with the SES team. I’ll post a couple here.”

3. WSJ Digital Network gets aggressive with search: SES NY Keynote
Ellen Keohane of DMNews says, “Gordon McLeod, president of the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, spoke at Wednesday morning’s keynote session at the Search Engine Strategies conference in New York, sharing insights about the network’s efforts to grow its site traffic and search presence.”

4. John Battelle on Google Universal Search at SES NY 2008

John Battelle, Founder/Chairman/CEO, Federated Media, is interviewed by Pauline Ores, SES Advisory Board and Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media Engagement, General Business, IBM Corporation.

5. Search Goodness in Bite-sized Chunks
Jason Lee Miller of WebProNews summarizes the highlights from the Search Engine Strategies conference, “Or, SES you can put in your pocket.” He says, “There’s a ton of information pouring out of the Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York City, but we’ve done our best to bring you the best of it so far, via text and via video. Below is a representation of all of that knowledge, boiled down until each little bit fits into its own little nutshell.”

6. Live from Search Engine Strategies New York 2008
Andrey Milyan of Search Marketing Standard summarizes the 16 sessions that his The SES conference in New York has begun and our correspondent, Kent Lewis, is on the scene, bringing you the latest from one of the biggest events of the year.

7. My Search is Better than Your Search
Charles Knight of AltSearchEngines says, “The entrepreneurs and those who dare to do things differently have shaped the web and search as we know it. Is innovation dead? We at Search Engine Strategies and AltSearchEngines don’t think so. Though most experts agree there will be no ‘Google Killer,’ there will be several emerging technologies that will shape the way we search, find and retain content.”

8. Blogging Boogeyman:WHAT Is Social Media Good for? PART 2

Blogging Boogeyman: WHAT Is Social Media Good for? PART 2

Charlene Jaszewski of the aimClear Blog says, “Are you afraid of bloggers? Sleep with the light on? You’ll find reasons to sleep above the covers after you read the next installment Social Media: What Is It and What Is It Good For? from Search Engine Strategies New York.”

9. Search Engine Strategies NYC 2008 Recap – my own thoughts
Marshall Sponder of The Analytics Guru says, “Many people are already familiar with Search Marketing and SEO and there needs to be a way to present material satisfying to all levels, but that might not always be possible.” He adds, “The Social Media/Social Search Tract was the most interesting for me this year and was more expanded than in the past.”

10. Totally Plugged In @ SES New York: 13 Undeniable Symptoms
Marty Weintraub of Search Engine Watch says, “Search marketing conference attendees seem to be the most plugged-in-public group of techno-comrades on earth. We rove in packs of iPhone and laptop-totting pied-pipers evangelizing link love, holistic patterns, authentic participation, conversion tracking, and good will.”

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