World’s First Search Engine for Meetings: Worktopia


The only thing worse than attending a corporate meeting is planning one. For those with the thankless job of planning corporate meetings, there’s Worktopia.

How many times have you wanted to schedule a meeting at or near an airport while you cool your heels waiting for a connection? Perhaps you’ve experienced one of those rare flight delays that occur so infrequently in the airline industry? Or ,maybe you just prefer meeting your clients someplace else besides the airline club where all your competitors are lounging around?

While not Utopia (a world without meetings), the Worktopia search engine provides a real-time database of available meeting spaces by geographic location. There’s even the ability to see room layout, order A/V equipment and order catering.

If you’re a fast-growing search marketing agency (is there any other?) then Worktopia offers an alternative to “booking” one of the local Starbucks–and battling the new class of virtual office workers fighting for space in ‘Buckies.

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