New SEOmoz Report Features Data from 3,000+ SEOs

Search engine marketers are getting more sophisticated, still don’t trust search engines, and keep spending on PPC. Those are some of the findings in a new SEO Industry Survey from SEOmoz.

Seattle-based SEOmoz has released findings from their SEO Industry Survey. The survey was conducted in February 2008 and includes answers from over 3,000 search engine marketing professionals from all over the world.

According to SEOmoz, the biggest takeaways are:

    • The vast majority of respondents from SEM agencies use tools to aid their marketing efforts.
    • Marketers are still unsure about things like the potential of negative effects from registering with Webmaster Central, or the use of nofollow.
    • From the 2,060 people responding, we see at least $73 million is spent on PPC a month. That’s more than $35,000 per respondent per month. This assumes all our respondents are from different companies.


For the full SEO Industry report, click here.

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