Hearst Jumps on Answers Bandwagon, Acquires Answerology

Searchers want answers, not just results. That’s something Hearst Magazines is apparently abundantly aware of with its acquisition of Answerology, a relationship advice site. With Google becoming more of a destination site than a portal, companies like Hearst need to compete online by offering a robust destination site of their own. Hearst is poised to do just that with the addition of Answerology, which allows users to post questions anonymously and select specific demographics in which to seek answers from.

“Service journalism is all about helping people find answers to their questions, from trusted experts. That’s what we do in our magazines and on our magazine-branded web sites every day. Answerology offers us a new type of service journalism, using a ‘wisdom of the masses’ model built on the expertise of users who are like you,” said Chris Johnson, VP, content and business development, Hearst Magazines Digital Media.

If wisdom of the masses proves to be more valuable than wisdom of the algorithm, companies like Hearst stand to benefit monumentally. Answers sites saw significant percentage increases in traffic last year.

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