Searchers Beginning to See Google Video Ads in Sponsored Listings

If you look carefully in your next Google search, you might just see a video ad included in the sponsored listings along side your organic results. It’s not obvious at first. You have to look for a version of the PlusBox, used for things like local search results and video in the organic listings, in the ads column.

In February, word came that Google was testing video ads, and searchers began noticing the ads on live searches this morning.

I did a search today for [smart phone] (since [smartphone] didn’t return a video), and found an ad with an invitation to “Watch Commercial” under it:

Google video ads

When you click on the plus sign, the listing expands to display a video right there in the results. You also may need your grandmother’s magnifying glass as the video ads are tiny! They’re just 160×140 pixels, including the player navigation.

Google video ads

So far, it looks like only searches for “tech” terms like laptop or cell phone will trigger a video ad. Searches for cat food, personal finance, and luggage did not return any video ad results.

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