Good to be Google, Apex Aviation and Pilot Eric Schmidt


It’s good to be Google, CEO/Pilot Eric Schmidt and Apex Aviation. Big-spending AdWords advertiser and vertical search engine Virgin Charter? Not so much.

Apex gets the Google gold.

Eric Schmidt has the use of a corporate jet that he makes available from time to time to Apex Aviation Corporation for charters by Apex to its customers. This aircraft has been chartered by Google from time to time and made available to certain Google executive officers for time-critical business trips.

In 2007 Google paid Apex $7,000 per hour for use of this aircraft.

(That’s more than some SEOs charge for hourly consultations!)

The Google board of directors approved this hourly reimbursement rate based upon a competitive analysis of comparable chartered aircraft and which Google’s board of directors determined was at or below market rates for the charter of similar aircraft.

In 2007, Google used Schmidt’s aircraft for business-related travel services for certain of our executive officers and we paid Apex approximately $1,107,938 in fees through December 31, 2007.

Bluestar Jets must be singin’ the Blue Star Blues to Google. Great SEO and position in Google. Great Google paid search results. Blue Star follows the 10 Golden Rules of SEM.

It’s not all that bad though. Google runs an auction and doesn’t show any favoritism in this case to big spenders in the Google ecosystem.

Plus, Blue Star Jets reportedly posted their most profitable month ever in February for customers of private jets (46% increase on the month, and 27% increase on the year).

That’s not proof of recession. That’s recession-proof.

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