Global SEO Makes Bloomberg News Headline

Sure there are lots of global news stories in Bloomberg News today. For example, “Verizon Faces Fight With FCC’s Martin Over Rules for Open Wireless Network.” says Verizon Wireless faces a new challenge after beating Google Inc. in the biggest U.S. mobile- phone airwaves auction: scrutiny from regulators who expect the carrier to build a truly open network.

While we get just as excited about “scrutiny from regulators” as the next guy, that’s not the best story of the day.

Nor was it “Houston Topless Clubs May Turn to Pasties After Losing 10-Year Legal Fight” detailing Eric Langan’s plans to respond to the U.S. Supreme Court with pasties.

And while we’re impressed by Ivy League students with hearts of gold turning Spring Break into a “Guilt Trip” for all the other Spring Breakers in Cabo (“Students on Spring Break Skip Mai Tais on Cabo to Serve at Bowery Mission”) we’re wondering why Ivy League students need to fly to Cabo to volunteer in a soup kitchen.

The story says “It’s lunchtime at the Bowery Mission, and seven Cornell University students are serving rice, chicken and gravy to homeless men staying there to learn job skills and conquer addictions.”

They must be serving the homeless with a “Silver Spoon.”

Here’s the one story we loved:

Global SEO expert Nick Wilsdon and his wife, Anna, starred in the headline news story, Russia’s `City of Brides’ Triggers Baby Boom After Love Quests by Bloomberg reporter, Yuriy Humber.

It’s a great story. Don’t miss it. The Bloomberg News photo shows:


English-Russian couple Anna and Nick Wilsdon in their home in Ivanovo, Russia, on Feb. 7, 2008. This year in the town of Ivanovo, babies are being born faster then ever, and deaths are slowing down. With any luck, the town known as Russia’s “City of Brides” will start to increase in population for the first time since the Soviet era.”

Courtesy of the exceptional photographer, Dmitry Beliakov of Bloomberg News.

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