Yahoo! Open Search Platform Recap with Andrew Tomkins

At last month’s SES New York, Kevin Newcomb covered the Thursday morning keynote by Andrew Tomkins in an article entitled, “Chief Scientist at Yahoo! Search, Where’s Search Heading? Ask Yahoo’s Chief Scientist.” In addition, John Mulligan of SEO-PR interviewed Tomkins right after his keynote speech on Day 4 of the event.

Yahoo! Open Search Platform Recap with Andrew Tomkins

Andrew Tomkins joined Yahoo Research in 2005 from IBM. His research over the last eight years has focused on measurement, modeling, and analysis of content, communities, and users on the World Wide Web.

Prior to joining Yahoo Research, he managed the “Information Management Principles” group at IBM’s Almaden Research Center, and served as chief scientist on the WebFountain project. Andrew received bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and computer science from MIT, and a Ph.D. in CS from Carnegie Mellon University.

Check out scores of other YouTube videos from SES New York at the Search Engine Strategies conference and expo channel.

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