Recent Google Updates Have SEO Scrambling

Google recently made a change to their algorithm, and SEOs are seeing significant changes in their SERPs. On a check of the Search Engine Watch forums, it seems that some are seeing the algorithm changes affecting their sites.

smulligan writes:

“We have been in the top 3 results for ‘charlotte web design’ for a long time. This week I’ve noticed we have dropped tremendously. The sites that are being listed above ours are:
1. Much newer
2. Have a lower PR
3. Don’t have as much relevant content”

WarrantiesForLess saw similar changes:

“I have seen the same thing in last couple weeks. What is more strange is my other sites which were not on top have rotated up replacing the ones with better rank, content, etc., so this has me real confused.”

Meanwhile, SEOENG hypothesized as to what Google changed:

“If you view a list of non editorial links and compare that with editorial links, you’ll likely notice a drastic difference. This is in an effort from G to eliminate paid links. Even though you may not be paying for links, all those non editorial links at the bottom of pages are not providing the link flow they were a month ago and that is not likely to change.”

Jazajay reminded forum participants that before you blame SERP changes on algorithm changes, to pass your sites through his 12 point inspection:

“Well lets just cover the basis.

When you say a big drop, how big exactly?

1. Have you changed anything recently – css files on page etc…
2. Linking – recips, one way or a combination? What’s the percentage of recips to one way linking?
3. Whats you anchor text like? All simliar?
4. Do you use JavaScript redirects for good purposes?
5. Spammy titles or alt text?
6. Any link building recently?
7. Any onpage linking done recently?
8. Been hacked recently?
9. Content? Do you have any?
10. Nesercary directories blocked?
11. Any redirects gone up?
12. Any URL rewritting done in the last few weeks?”

If you’ve noticed any big changes, head over to the Search Engine Watch forums and chat with other SEOs about the recent Google update.

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