Google Opens Up About Spectrum Auction

The gag order on details surrounding the recent FCC spectrum auction has been lifted, and Google is revealing some behind-the-scenes information about their participation in the bidding.

While some had speculated Google only made the minimum $4.6 billion reserve price to force the C block into accepting open applications, Google said that it did bid above the reserve. They also said they were winning for several days, but in the end Verizon won the C block auction.

All was not lost, however, as the FCC did agree to 2 of the 4 “open” conditions Google was pushing for. And Google is lobbying the FCC to auction off “white spaces” on the TV spectrum to make more options available for mobile users. Plus, they re-affirmed the expectation that the first Android handsets will be released later this year.

And in case you’ve ever thought that bidding on a high-ticket item on eBay was nerve-wracking, consider this: Google says, “Bidding took place electronically, and literally billions of dollars were at stake with every mouse click.”

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