Search Headlines & Links: April 8, 2008

Want a snapshot of the day’s search marketing news? Here we’ve collected today’s top news stories posted to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with search-related headlines from around the Web:

From the SEW Blog:

  • Could the Term “SEO” Become Trademarked?
    If you read the headline and thought it was just a teaser to get you to read this post, think again. SEOs really do have a new trademark issue to worry about.
  • Google Responds to FTC’s Self-Regulatory Principles
    When concerns over data collection and behavioral advertising arise, it seems that the glass half empty people are the loudest. But in a recent response to the FTC’s Self-Regulatory Principles, Google has pointed out the impact that online advertising has had on the economy.
  • adCenter Advertiser Blog Explains Keyword Match Types
    If you’ve been in need of an explanation of keyword match types for your PPC campaign, you’re in luck. The adCenter Advertiser blog has published a post that offers up a detailed explanation of keyword match terms as well as some tips for your paid search strategy.
  • March Search Market Share Numbers Begin to Trickle In
    Search engine marketers love their data, so grab a cup of coffee and mull over the numbers released by Hitwise and for the search market in March 2008.
  • Types of Social Media Content – A Conceptual Overview
    If social media success = 1/2 social network + 1/2 quality content … an understanding of both social network building and content development is necessary.
  • SEW Experts: How to Tell if Your Domain is Banned
    Oftentimes it is difficult to tell whether a domain name is banned or penalized by a search engine. Or perhaps the domain name is neither banned, nor penalized. It could be, you just managed to screw up your site.
  • SEW Experts: Keep the Lines of SEO Communication Open
    In large organizations, development teams don’t always retain what they’ve learned about SEO. Without regular communication about SEO issues, you’re destined to repeat past mistakes.
  • SEW Experts: Google Road Kill: Will the Pulitzer Prize Live to Be 100?
    On the 92nd anniversary of the Pulitzer Prize, prizewinners and publishers are fiddling while the newspaper industry is burning.
    • Headlines & News from Elsewhere:

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      • Engagement: What Is It?, SiteLogic
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